Forbes: “Got Alternative Assets In Your IRA? Watch Out.”

Self Directed IRA

Ashlea Ebeling of Forbes published a piece today that features analysis and quotes by yours truly.  The piece is called “Got Alternative Assets In Your IRA?  Watch Out.”  The article stems from the third Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on “self-directed IRAs” (i.e., retirement accounts that hold “unconventional” assets – e.g., real estate, private equity, etc.).  As always, there are serious legal and tax considerations that self-directed IRA accountholders should consider both before and during the course of self-directed IRA and IRA-owned LLC investing.  Based on the GAO’s recent communication with the IRS (as discussed in the GAO report – see link below), it appears that the IRS is going to try and increase oversight of non-traditional investments within retirement accounts – and also push the Treasury to impose new regulations (the latter of which could have a much bigger impact in my opinion).

The new GAO’s report is called, “IRS Could Better Inform Taxpayers about and Detect Noncompliance Related to Unconventional Assets“.

For additional information about the series of GAO reports that have lead to this point (and my perspective as someone that was interviewed by the GAO for all three reports), see my prior blog post called, “They’re BACK!…GAO conducting a third study of SDIRA marketplace“.

Stay safe out there…