By assessing our client’s needs at their inception, and taking an “education first” approach, we are able to analyze every legal problem, no matter the size, with specific solutions in mind. We seek to foster a partnership with our clients where we are seen as an invaluable resource and an integral part of the planning, growth and development of both their personal and business interests.

Practice Areas & Legal Services

Estate Planning

Our estate planning practice is driven by a belief that solely focusing on drafting documents and crafting clever tax strategies is not enough. While all of our attorneys have a masters degree in tax law ("LL.M"), we believe that estate planning is about building a long-term relationship with our clients and shaping their affairs in a way that promotes peace of mind and ease of current and future operation. These principals hold true regardless of a particular client's net worth. We provide our clients with estate planning services during life and post-death (i.e. probate, estate and trust administration, etc.).

Self Directed IRA Consulting

The use of retirement funds to invest into "nontraditional" assets (e.g., real estate, closely-held companies, private lending, etc.) has grown dramatically over the past 10 years. Our attorneys have worked with thousands of clients who have utilized these unique investment structures. Legal and tax concerns that are often dealt with include: prohibited transactions and unrelated business taxable income (UBTI). Our attorneys are widely regarded as national authorities on self-directed IRA and IRA-owned LLC legal and tax matters.

Business Counseling Services

We pride ourselves on bringing a level of creativity and integrity to our business counseling services that is exceptional and unique. Our experience and expertise gives us the insight necessary to provide skillful counsel to companies of various size and structure. By creating a seamless partnership with our clients and their other professional advisors we are able to offer timely and responsive solutions to any legal issues that may arise. We are dedicated to understanding each client’s business and interests, pinpointing opportunities, selecting advantageous alternatives, and communicating answers precisely and in a straightforward manner.

Meet Our People

Our attorneys develop creative solutions with flexible fee structures in order to give our clients the maximum amount of control over their budgets, giving them the best legal services at a price that reflects the value we bring.

What We're Talking About

  There has been some rumbling (at least in my world) over the past few weeks regarding another Tax Court dealing with Roth IRAs and “excess contribution” issues.  The case, Block Developers, LLC v. Commissioner, involves four family members (father, mother, two children) that formed Roth IRAs and attempted to shift income that would otherwise … Continue reading Quoted in Forbes piece on Roth IRA/LLC case (Block Developers, LLC v. Commissioner)

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Fee Arrangements

Our flexible fee structures are intended to provide the highest value to our clients by giving them a greater degree of control over their budgets. We believe that this fosters the best attorney-client relationships because it helps to remove any billing surprises or unexplained costs. Examples of these fee structures include:

Flat Fee

The success of a flat fee engagement rests on a realistic scope of work agreement (generally contained within a "Legal Services Agreement") that satisfies all parties. When engaging a flat fee (or "fixed price") model, arrangements are usually made to have payments received at agreed upon intervals, or at the end of the agree upon task. This model greatly benefits both parties as long as the work does not deviate significantly from the agreed upon "scope of services".

Capped Fee

While determining the "scope of services" is still vital to this strategy, capped fees provide some flexibility by creating a not-to-exceed billing ceiling. This model is favorable when both sides know there is a significant degree of unpredictability in the resolution of the legal concerns.

Billable Hour + Floor and Ceiling

This structure allows us to keep the traditional billable hour model as a base while protecting both us and our clients in the event that the volume of work is significantly lower or higher than anticipated.

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